See also: course registration form for those classes that are already opened for registration.

1. Indication of interest in attending a candidate course

Please fill out the form below and send us your information to give us an indication of your interest in a particular course that we are considering delivering.

This is not a commitment on our part to actually run the course.

We will tally the interest up until the deadline when we need to decide one way or the other regarding running a training course.

We poll for interested attendees because when we decide to run a course we incur financial obligations that are non-refundable. If at any time you need to tell us you are no longer interested, please do so as soon as possible so that we do not make a costly decision that we regret.

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Course venue and date selection: Instructions: please check all of the dates you can attend so that we can assess those dates that would attract the largest classes.

At this time there are no proposed courses. Please contact to indicate which deliveries you would like us to propose.

See also: course registration form for those classes that are already opened for registration.

Requested courses, venues and dates not currently scheduled:Please tell us what you would like to see us teach, where in the world you would like us to teach it, and when you would be willing to attend it. We will then consider adding the offerings to our calendar.

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See also: course registration form for those classes that are already opened for registration.

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