Crane Softwrights Ltd. is a consultancy delivering Computer Systems Analysis and training services worldwide since April 1997. We focus primarily in structured text processing related to the Web-based Extensible Markup Language (W3C XML) family of Recommendations and the international Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML - ISO 8879:1986) family of Standards. We specialize in the structuring of and processing of information, in particular training and deploying the use of the W3C XSL/XSL-FO, XSLT, XPath and XQuery set of Recommendations and OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) artefacts and systems for electronic commerce and transportation.

Remember to check out all of the training and consulting services from the experts in the XML Guild. Crane's G. Ken Holman is a long-time member.
Crane Softwrights Ltd. is a founding member of the commercial ecosystem for the support of UBL technology and UBL-based services and products.
Find Crane Softwrights Ltd. on the Tradeshift social business network. Crane offers commercial training and free resources related to Tradeshift.

Crane's Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath Video was recorded as a DVD-ROM. It is mounted for online streaming at the European-based and the US-based Udemy. The class offers five free hours of streaming video instruction, plus 19 hours of paid content covering our 5-day in-depth hands-on comprehensive training class.
For a limited time a 60% discount coupon is available to use on Udemy in order to bring the price in line with the other two web sites.

1. Services we provide

Check out the links in the right margin for all of the details, but the summary is as follows:

  • Training delivery
    • we teach it; you learn it!
  • Training licensing
    • we write it; you teach it!
  • Book and training video sales
    • we write it; you learn it!
  • Transform writing
    • you need it; we write it!
  • Transform mentoring
    • you write it; we review and comment on it!
  • XML consulting
    • you need help; we are here to help you!

2. Announcements

Free online service: build your own skeletal UBL 2.1 structure

Cancelled: UBL and Code List Training event in Stockholm, Sweden - December 3-4, 2014

  • these classes were cancelled due to insufficient pre-registration

Private and publicly-attended instructor-led training courses:

Please contact us if we can help you with a private delivery of training. See our summary of available course deliveries for the selection of titles from which you can choose.

If you are interested in having us travel to your area of the world to teach publicly-subscribed courses for organizations in your geographical area, we would be pleased to discuss the opportunity with you. We have detailed our requirements and if a delivery is feasible we will post an announcement for a candidate course to establish the amount of local interest. We have had the privilege to have taught in many cities around the world.

New! For a limited time we are offering to deliver at no charge any of our one-hour lectures "over the net" to user groups around the world. We use Skype for audio and Yugma for screen sharing. Our ability to do this is of course subject to our busy travel schedule. Please see the list of lectures for details.

New "expressions of interest" for candidate upcoming training

We are considering new deliveries, please let us know your interest.

For years we have tried to anticipate what courses to offer for public subscription that would be of interest to registrants. We've decided to try turning that around and asking you to tell us which courses you would be interested in registering for.

Please tell us ASAP if you would register for any of our candidate upcoming deliveries we are considering. Click here for the summary list and interest form. Note for some overlapping dates we are suggesting different topics and different class lengths. Tell us all of the choices you would consider registering for.

We have booked time aside in our calendar for publicly-subscribed training, and we have identified venues where we would deliver certain classes. But we haven't yet committed to the expense of reserving the venue and making the travel arrangements. To do so, we need a reasonable certainty of having enough students register and pay to attend. The sooner you tell us of your interest in a class, the sooner we will know to formally open up registration for the class and make the financial obligations associated with doing so.

"Try and Buy PDF Book" policy now in place

All four of Crane's PDF book titles can now be downloaded for complete review at no charge according to our "Try and Buy PDF Book" policy that obliges users to either buy their downloaded copy or delete it. Registered purchasers have posting privileges on Crane's Book Buyer Forums where questions about the books are answered by the author.

Instructor-led classroom training is available for all four titles, either directly by the author hosted anywhere around the world, or by a training organization that licenses the materials for their own deliveries.

U.S. Government employees: - free access to your two prepaid XSL book licenses

3. Blog

Mr. Holman doesn't have a very active blog, but he does share some professional and personal stories through Google+ at Ken's profile page.

4. Recommended reading

Who would have thought the interlinked web of information we use today, and the problems and shortcomings of how we are obliged to use it today by those who publish the information we need, was prophetically described in July 1945 by Vannevar Bush in the article titled As We May Think? This is a very interesting article, not only for its prophecy, but for its recommendations. To paraphrase the editor's assessment of Dr. Bush's conclusion of the article: "The perfection of instruments that give access to and command over the inherited knowledge of the ages should be the first objective of our scientists."

For the lighter side of SGML and XML, Joe English's NOT the comp.text.sgml FAQ is a fun read, and I think that Sean McGrath is absolutely brilliant with his DeXiderata and Lord of the Schemas: Part 1 as the funniest collections of observations regarding the XML community and technology.

The following are articles/papers that have been published by Crane:

Ken has also contributed (though only in a small part so far) to the collection of SGML/XML songs.

Here is some important Awareness of Male Cancers information. 

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