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Please fill out the form below and send us your information to give us an indication of your interest or intention to register for one of our instructor-led courses. This triggers the invoice you use for payment. Actual registration does not happen until payment has been received and any seat put aside awaiting payment is subject to be released to a paying registrant.

This page has important information regarding payments and the venue. Please read carefully. For more information, or to send the information below using an email message instead of a form, please contact us.

1. Payments

Payments must be made in advance of the course to be properly registered. Prices are subject to change until the first seat is sold for each delivery, after which the prices are fixed for that delivery.

Please do not pay until you receive our invoice! When we receive your intention to register, we will put aside your requested number of seats. When the decision is made to run the course we will send you the invoice and the method and payee for the amount. Payment for these charges is due immediately and any unpaid seats put aside for you are subject to be released to paying registrants.

1.1. Early-bird/Loyalty Pricing

The loyalty price is always available to the second and subsequent attendees from a company to the course and to any subsequent courses.

Early-bird pricing for the first attendee from each company is available only for a period of time for each delivery. See the form below for the early-bird dates. If payment has not been received by the early-bird date you may pay by credit card immediately or you will be asked to pay the full amount for the first attendee instead of the early-bird amount.

After the early-bird period expires, the full price is charged for the first attendee from each company.

If you have previously been invoiced by Crane for any other training course or consulting work in the past, you are entitled to the early-bird/loyalty price for all attendees. Just indicate this in the form and we will check our records.

1.2. Cancellations

Payment refunds are subject to a EUR€100 handling fee before the early-bird date, and to EUR€100 per day of the course after the early-bird date (including attendees who are "no-shows" at the venue itself) due to commitments made regarding the venue. Attendee substitutions are allowed at any time. We reserve the right to cancel a course (with full refund) up until the end of the early-bird pricing availability.

2. Venue

At some deliveries a limited number of rooms can be held at the venue hotel until the early-bird date, on a first-come first-served basis. After the early-bird date any available held rooms are released to the hotel inventory for public access. This is important as attendees of our first course missed out on rooms by missing the early-bird date!

To get access to any rooms that may still be available for the course, you must identify yourself to the hotel at reservation time as being with Crane Softwrights Ltd.

You are not obliged to stay at the venue hotel.

Please note the fee quoted below does not include hotel or transportation costs.

2.1. Computers for hands-on exercises

Attendees wishing to participate in hands-on exercises (if applicable) must bring their own computers to the venue when the venue does not already include a computer. Power outlets will be made available to all students, and the instructor will bring all required programs and exercises to the event.

Please review the syllabus for the course being delivered to learn more about the prerequisites for hands-on exercises.

3. Food

Lunch is provided each day as well as coffee and snacks for the break periods. It is important to inform us of vegetarian or other dietary requirements well in advance as we must commit to the menu requirements early.

4. Intent to Register Form

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