1. Group lectures

For a limited time we are offering to deliver at no charge any of our one-hour lectures "over the net" to user groups (not individuals) around the world.

We use Skype for audio and Yugma for screen sharing. All you need is a Skype account (which you do not have to share with us in advance) and a Java-enabled web browser (accepting an applet for the rendering).

It is expected that the host will set up a projector to present the material and quality computer speakers to project the audio to the group. The instructor will deliver the lecture to your group and make time for interactively answering questions during and after the presentation. Our ability to do this is, of course, subject to our busy travel schedule.

Please contact us at info@CraneSoftwrights.com with any questions you may have regarding these deliveries and our available schedule.

2. Publicly-subscribed lectures

At times Crane will open up a scheduled free Internet lecture for public subscription by both groups and individuals. Requesting attendance at these events is done through our interest page. Please indicate the size of your group that will be using one of the Internet connections. Preference is given to groups using a single Internet connection rather than to individuals, due to the limited number of available connections for the free lectures. Where "seats" are still available after groups have been accommodated, individuals may attend.

The day before the lecture the connection details will be sent to the contact email address for each group and individual who is registered.

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