If you wish to consider other venues than the dates and locations already scheduled on our schedule page, please do not hesitate to visit the sites of our licensees (listed below in alphabetical order) and contact them regarding how they may be able to service your training needs.

Note: If you are a licensee and your name has been removed from this list in a recent cull of inactive licensees, please contact us regarding a scheduled delivery to get reinstated.

1. Existing licensees

Note that the countries and cities listed are only for reference; some licensees are willing to travel to deliver material.

2. Arranging the licensing of course material

If you are interested in licensing the projection and handout materials for any of the above courses, for either public delivery or private corporate in-house delivery, please contact us at info@CraneSoftwrights.com to tell us your needs and ask us for more information.

We offer private branding with your company logo and we prepare materials on demand, customized for your customer and venue for each delivery, thus taking advantage of the latest configuration and revision to the materials.

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