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/schedule.htm $Date: 2018/11/15 01:05:29 $(UTC)
      Crane's instructor-led training material deliveries and descriptions
/ $Date: 2023/08/08 18:23:11 $(UTC)
      Crane Softwrights Ltd.'s home page.
/services/ $Date: 2017/01/07 16:28:11 $(UTC)
   Task-oriented Consulting Services
      Sets of packaged commercial service offered; UBL 2.1 subset schemas; ISO/IEC 19845 subset schemas
/resources/ $Date: 2023/11/14 01:41:34 $(UTC)
   Free resources
      Freely-downloadable XML-related resources for developers and users.
/resources/Crane-UBL-Skeleton/ $Date: 2017/04/14 23:49:26 $(UTC)
   OASIS UBL Skeleton Creators
      Free services to assist in the creation of skeleton UBL documents.
/resources/Crane-UBL-2.1-Skeleton/ $Date: 2014/11/13 15:46:35 $(UTC)
   OASIS UBL 2.1 Skeleton Creator
      A free service to assist in the creation of skeleton UBL 2.1 documents.
/resources/Crane-UBL-2.2-Pre-award-Skeleton/ $Date: 2017/05/25 22:31:47 $(UTC)
   OASIS UBL 2.2-Pre-award Skeleton Creator
      A free service to assist in the creation of skeleton UBL documents.
/resources/Crane-UBL-2.2-Skeleton/ $Date: 2017/01/23 22:57:09 $(UTC)
   OASIS UBL 2.2 Skeleton Creator
      A free service to assist in the creation of skeleton UBL documents.
/resources/ubl/ $Date: 2021/11/05 20:35:24 $(UTC)
   OASIS UBL and Code List Resources
      Freely-downloadable resources for use with the Universal Business Language and other vocabularies.
/resources/ublss/ $Date: 2017/07/05 13:26:11 $(UTC)
   Displaying UBL documents and UN Layout Key forms
      Producing HTML and PDF files, including the UN Layout Key, from UBL and other documents.
/resources/xslstyle/ $Date: 2017/07/05 13:31:33 $(UTC)
      Freely-downloadable XSLT stylesheets for documenting XSLT stylesheets.
/resources/n2x/ $Date: 2006/12/27 19:57:02 $(UTC)
   n2x: SGML to XML
      An environment for translating SGML to XML
/resources/acid/ $Date: 2006/12/28 00:05:21 $(UTC)
   Entity acid test
      Acid test environment for entities
/resources/showtree/ $Date: 2006/12/27 20:32:19 $(UTC)
      SHOWTREE - XSLT Tree Display Stylesheet
/resources/xslkeys/ $Date: 2006/12/27 20:44:29 $(UTC)
   XSLT Key Illustration
      An Illustration of the XSLT Key Construct
/resources/bittest/ $Date: 2006/12/27 19:59:11 $(UTC)
   Bit testing in XSLT
      Bit testing in XSLT
/resources/dumpfo/ $Date: 2006/12/28 00:05:31 $(UTC)
   Direct to XSL-FO
      Character dump program using XSL-FO
/resources/bbi/ $Date: 2006/12/27 22:39:22 $(UTC)
   Back of the Book Index
      Back of the Book Indexes using XSL-FO 1.0
/resources/color/colorkey.htm $Date: 2006/12/27 22:49:03 $(UTC)
   DSSSL Color Key
      Color Key for DSSSL Color Declarations: colorkey.htm
/resources/csldsssl/ $Date: 2006/12/27 22:54:54 $(UTC)
   Annotatable DSSSL Stylesheets
      An Annotatable DSSSL Stylesheet Environment
/resources/presapp/ $Date: 2006/12/27 23:00:38 $(UTC)
   DSSSL Presentation Environment
      DSSSL Presentation Development Application
/resources/crane-resources.htm 2023-11-13T20:42:04-05:00
   Summary of Crane resources
      Summary of freely-downloadable XML-related resources for developers and users.
/training/ $Date: 2017/07/03 14:45:53 $(UTC)
   Free books
      Product sales and freely-downloadable excerpts
/training/pastsch.htm $Date: 2020/06/07 17:55:26 $(UTC)
   Past training schedule
      A record of past deliveries by Crane of instructor-led material
/training/testimon.htm $Date: 2013/08/23 15:08:42 $(UTC)
      A summary some of the public testimonials regarding Crane's products and services
/training/books.htm $Date: 2011/10/13 16:02:17 $(UTC)
   Paper-based books
      A list of related paper-based books
/training/internet.htm $Date: 2009/12/04 03:53:08 $(UTC)
   Internet lectures
      A review of the setup for Internet lectures
/training/crane.htm $Date: 2014/11/03 21:20:43 $(UTC)
   Crane's hosted deliveries
      A summary of all public deliveries hosted by Crane
/training/cranecal.htm $Date: 2004/06/04 20:15:29 $(UTC)
   Presenting Crane's calendar
      Instructions to display Crane's calendar of upcoming events in real time.
/training/world.htm $Date: 2010/08/18 15:08:46 $(UTC)
   Worldwide staff licenses
      A summary of organizations who have prepaid staff licenses for Crane's electronic books
/training/i2xim/i2ximsyl.htm $Date: 2006/03/29 17:02:26 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Introduction to XML Information Modeling
      A lecture course on XML Document Modeling.
/training/i2xq/i2xqsyl.htm $Date: 2009/02/15 21:35:49 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Introduction to XQuery and XPath
      A lecture course on XQuery
/training/i2xslfo/i2xslfosyl.htm $Date: 2008/01/08 02:40:18 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Introduction to XSL-FO
      A lecture course on XSL-FO
/training/i2xslt/i2xsltsyl.htm $Date: 2008/01/08 02:33:49 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Introduction to XSLT and XPath
      A lecture course on XSLT
/training/pcli/pclisyl.htm $Date: 2016/11/21 02:28:14 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Practical Code List Implementation
      A hands-on course on representing and implementing code lists for XML document validation.
/training/pfux/pfuxsyl.htm $Date: 2009/09/15 08:03:15 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Practical Formatting Using XSL-FO
      A hands-on course covering XSL-FO
/training/ptuq/ptuqsyl.htm $Date: 2009/12/04 21:15:45 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Practical Transformation Using XQuery and XPath
      A hands-on course covering XQuery and XPath.
/training/ptux/ptuxsyl.htm $Date: 2009/09/15 08:03:46 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath
      A hands-on course covering XSLT.
/training/ptux/ptux-video.htm $Date: 2022/03/17 00:20:20 $(UTC)
   Summary - Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath Video
      An interactive DVD course covering XSLT.
/training/ptuxq/ptuxqsyl.htm $Date: 2009/07/31 04:48:40 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Practical Transformation Using XSLT, XQuery and XPath
      A hands-on course covering XSLT and XQuery.
/training/publd/publdsyl.htm $Date: 2016/12/01 14:58:00 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Practical Universal Business Language Deployment
      A hands-on course overviewing UBL deliverables and deployment processes.
/training/puxx/puxxsyl.htm $Date: 2011/10/07 00:31:23 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Practical Use of oXygen XML
      A hands-on course overviewing the use of the oXygen XML product.
/training/pxid/pxidsyl.htm $Date: 2009/06/29 14:11:33 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Practical XML Information Description
      A hands-on course covering XML description technologies.
/training/pxim/pximsyl.htm $Date: 2006/03/29 17:40:55 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Practical XML Information Modeling
      A hands-on course covering XML Modeling technologies.
/training/pxp/pxpsyl.htm $Date: 2009/08/14 13:41:34 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Practical XPath
      A hands-on course covering XSLT.
/training/tsaqs/tsaqssyl.htm $Date: 2013/04/13 21:17:52 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Tradeshift API Sandbox Quick-start
      A hands-on course overviewing the Tradeshift Application Programmer's Interface (API).
/training/xmlstyle/xmlstsyl.htm $Date: 2006/03/29 17:51:20 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - XML Models, Stylesheets and Transformations
      Modeling and transformation for XML
/training/xslt4xq/xslt4xqsyl.htm $Date: 2010/01/26 16:06:22 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Principles of XSLT for XQuery Writers
      A hands-on course introducing XSLT for writers of XQuery.
/training/xq4xslt/xq4xsltsyl.htm $Date: 2010/01/26 16:06:16 $(UTC)
   Syllabus - Principles of XQuery for XSLT Writers
      A hands-on course introducing XQuery for writers of XSLT.
/contact.htm $Date: 2021/03/28 22:33:56 $(UTC)
   Company & contact information
      Company information and addresses and URLs for contact
/legal/ $Date: 2004/04/07 23:38:45 $(UTC)
   Legal contracts, warranties and disclaimers
      The legal aspects of doing any business with Crane Softwrights Ltd.
/legal/privacy.htm $Date: 2004/04/07 21:10:12 $(UTC)
   Privacy policy
      Crane Softwrights Ltd.'s privacy policy.
/brochure.htm $Date: 2014/04/03 19:09:46 $(UTC)
   Brochure links
      The links used for footnotes in the company brochure.
/bio/gkholman.htm $Date: 2022/07/28 00:33:00 $(UTC)
   G. Ken Holman
      A speaker biography and detailed background of Crane's principal softwright
/bio/gkholman-jpg.htm $Date: 2011/06/11 13:46:37 $(UTC)
   G. Ken Holman
      A collection of JPG images to use on web sites and print materials
/sales/ $Date: 2017/07/03 14:45:48 $(UTC)
   Free book information
      Previously-available commercial PDF books now available free of charge.
/sales/Crane-gc2ods/ $Date: 2017/07/03 13:45:55 $(UTC)
   Crane's OASIS genericode and CVA support in OpenOffice 3
      Application environment no longer available
/sales/Crane-UBLProfile/ $Date: 2017/07/03 13:46:08 $(UTC)
   Crane's OASIS UBL customization in OpenOffice 3
      Application environment no longer available
/ns/ $Date: 2010/06/14 23:45:49 $(UTC)
   Namespace URI strings
      Namespace URI strings allocated by Crane Softwrights Ltd.
/goubl/ $Date: 2011/04/26 15:00:09 $(UTC)
      Crane Softwrights Ltd.'s involvement with the goUBL.com web site
/site.htm $Date: 2003/09/03 18:17:39 $(UTC)
   Site map
      An overview of the entire site
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